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About Alex Leonard


Alex is an internationally recognized Elephant Ambassador with Save Elephant Foundation and has been working since 2012 to help protect elephant populations around the world. 

Alex Leonard is from London, Ontario, and works as the founder of AL Media, a videography agency helping brands talk about Sustainability. Alex is also the online education instructor of Green Video Essentials, helping teach other videographers and filmmakers how to make creative video content sustainably. 

Alex's business serves organizations and social enterprises through creative means that are on a mission to create substantial change against the climate crisis. He has a Master's in Environment and Sustainability from Western University and a Bachelors in Communications and Cultural Studies from Concordia University. 

Through innovative means, materials, and mindset, Alex is helping use his storytelling visual skills to communicate the plight of elephants. Since a young age, Alex has cared deeply for elephants, helping fundraise on their behalf as a kid by selling baked goods and candies with elephant facts attached. The making of the film, "Humans and Elephants", has been alongside Alex for much of his life and is a life goal to raise awareness of elephant conservation around the world.   

Podcasts that have interviewed Alex!

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With over 8 years experience working in the music industry, Alex is ready to extend my horizons. 


Through Alex's adventures abroad, he now has the skills to articulate his and others' experiences.  


Along his path, Alex has been inspired by the sensations he experiences, which transcend through his visual art. 


Behind the fancy webpages and high-quality images lies an actual human writing this, connect with Alex today!

Andrew Kaszowski, CMP
- Former President of IABC London

I had the privilege of observing Alex's outstanding service to the board of directors and audiences of the International Association of Business Communicators' London Chapter (IABC London) in my capacity as the 2019-2020 chapter President.


Alex provided us with some awesome drone video footage for our music production. He's a very encouraging professional and he has many creative ideas and skills.

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“Working with Alex is always a great time. I admire his professionalism and the hard work that he does on all projects.“

Mike Crosby
- Co-founder of Greenhouse Academy

Alex is really fun and easy to work with. He took a brief idea of ours and ran with it with little direction; creating a great short video for our business. Great energy and creativity, would definitely recommend Alex and use him again in the future. Thanks a lot Alex!

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