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We stand with the United Nations in trying to achieve
success for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Scroll further below to see the 6 key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that we align most with.

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One of the most important SDG’s is Good Health and Well-being, as that ties into so many others. Covering our essential needs will help prolong the human lifespan to allow for more discoveries, innovations, and creativity. Some key clients in this space we’ve had the pleasure of working with would be the YMCA, International Volunteer HQ, Binara Home Stay, Pollinator Pathways Project, and others.

For the YMCA’s reopening strategy, we worked together to create a series of videos for social media to help spark interest and highlight all of the safety precautions because of COVID-19. You can watch some of those videos here online.

Working towards a sustainable future is crucial to building long-term safe and healthy environments in growing urban areas and remote parts of Canada. Resiliency through mitigation strategies are important in civil planning and are aligned with our mission. Examples of clients that align with SDG #11 would be Urban League of London, The Chalet Grand Bend, Lawn Summer Nights, International Association of Business Communicators, London Environmental Network, and more. 

You can see evidence of our sustainable work within cities through our partnership with Lawn Summer Nights, a national charity that raise donations for those living with Cystic Fibrosis.

Responsible consumption is so important today, more than ever before. It’s important that we embrace veganism and work towards reducing waste. Some of our clients in this space include Reimagine Co, Nuts For Cheese, Go Wild Grow Wild, Parkway Garden Centre, Greenhouse Academy, and Pollinator Pathways Project.

Helping advocate for responsible consumption and production through video is an important approach that can connect directly with every day consumers. That’s why our approach for this SDG #8 sticks to keeping things simple and clean. Just check out some of the videos we made for Nuts For Cheese previously. 

We are committed to helping protect the planet and believe that environmental change can take place when the collective actions of others unite together. We work with large environmental organizations and brands that want buyers to know about their sustainable commitments to help create change.

Nearly all the video work we do is with Climate Action as the underlying ethos for why we do what we do, directly inline with SDG #13. Check out this highlight recap from London’s Climate Action strike for the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) at Western University. 

Building the Southwestern Ontario to have strong work ethic and growing economic is an important cause that the team at AL Media are behind. With our roots in London, Ontario, we partner locally with many businesses and entrepreneur services like Leap Junction, TechAlliance, Community Future’s Ontario, and the Canadian CED Network. A highlighted list of our clients can be found on our website.

Our video made for Leap Junction’s Stone Soup highlights our commitment to helping support the local entrepreneur scene and those who are helping small businesses thrive. Our ongoing work is helping strengthen the national economy here in Canada, directly in line with the SDG 8.