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 About Us 

Our business serves environmental organizations and social enterprises through creative means. Our clients have a purpose for positive change and need help telling their stories visually.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We work to expand the outreach and generate growth for every business partner through creative media that resonates with target audiences and inspires action.

We see a future where living sustainably is the norm and everyone is passionate about protecting our environment and both natural and urban wildlife.

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Alex Leonard is from London, Ontario, and works as the founder of Alex Leonard Media Inc.


Our business serves organizations and social enterprises through creative means who are on a mission to create sustainable change.

AL Media's commitment to stopping Climate Change goes beyond more than words and promises.

We are dedicated to helping move our world toward a positive eco-friendly future where humans and animals can live peacefully together. 

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We at SNA aim to understand our members’ industry trends, changing skills requirements, and improvements they would like to see made to SMARTNet Alliance

See more about our commitment to partnerships for the goals by visiting our Sustainable Development Goals pledge at AL Media.

See the main environmental videos that we specialize in below!

Corporate Responsibility

Our Partner Ecosystem

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Alex Leonard

Founder and CEO
AL Media

Alex is a video strategist, business owner, muralist, and environmentalist. 


Kristen Au

Social Media Marketer
Kristen Au's Website

Kristen is a social media marketing strategist, who is passionate about helping small business owners with their content marketing.


Leila Nattagh

W2R Solutions empowers environmentally-focused businesses by quantifying
carbon footprints and creating reports.

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