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Here are 6 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
that we rally behind to help support:

Our Mission

We work to expand the outreach and generate growth for every business partner through creative media that resonates with target audiences and inspires action.

Our Vision

We see a future where living sustainably is the norm and everyone is passionate about protecting our environment and both natural and urban wildlife.

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Why Does AL Media Support just 6 Sustainable Development Goals?

AL Media's commitment to stopping Climate Change goes beyond more than words and promises. We are dedicated to helping move our world toward a positive
eco-friendly future where humans and animals can live peacefully together. 

Why only 6 goals? We need to start somewhere, so we decided that these 6 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be our rallying cry.

Through creative projects, we look to strengthen our ties with community groups who are taking action toward any of the 6 following SDGs.  

Goal 5
Goal 9
Goal 11
Goal 9
Goal 15
Goal 17

There are 17 SDGs in total.

You can see them further below for a better understanding.

SDG poster_1 (1).png

Building Canada to have a strong work ethic and a growing innovative environmental sector is an important cause that AL Media stands behind. With our roots in Southwestern Ontario, we partner locally with many businesses and entrepreneur services like Leap Junction, TechAlliance, Community Future’s Ontario, and the Canadian CED Network. A highlighted list of our clients can be found on our website.

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