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Case Analysis:
Resilient Cities Conference

The Resilient Cities Conference took place in downtown London and saw over 500 attendees come to learn about the environmental importance of London's development in wake of the climate crisis.

Alex Leonard helped organize the event, was a guest speaker on divestment strategies from fossil fuel, and the lead marketing coordinator for the event. Alex provided valuable feedback on the poster design for the event at London Public Library's central branch.

The Conference saw speakers touch on a range of topics such as Renewable Energy, Food Waste, Urban Agroforestry, Equity, and Indigenous Wisdom.  

Resilient Cities2 Poster Carat Ex.png

On top of speaking at the event, Alex also directed two trailer videos for the conference and a radio ad that helped boost the conference's publicity and awareness.

The two promotional videos shared on London Environmental Network's Facebook page are their two most watched videos ever on any of their social media.


At the conference, a survey was distributed that reached 90% of the attendees and the results are impressive: "Social media videos" was listed as the number one source for people finding out about the event happening in London.    

Video can help improve attendance to large events through either preview promotions or recap videos that capture the mood and excitement of a large event.  

Videos are important for business to business purposes ​to secure sponsors, vendors, venues, food & beverage, among other essential assets. Create an enticing offer to increase others exposure at your event through various purposes.  


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Large Events

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