Artist Profile for Alex Leonard

Alex Leonard is from London, Ontario, and works as the founder of Alex Leonard Media Inc.


Our business serves organizations and social enterprises through creative means who are on a mission to create sustainable change.

As a co-founder of the Pollinator Pathways Project and board member for the London Urban League, Alex is committed to improving the environment and fighting against climate change.

He has his Masters in the Environment and Sustainability program at Western University and Bachelors in Communications, Cultural Studies, and Philosophy from Concordia University.

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Fun topics we can discuss

  • How to stay creative in tough times and adopting a mindset of abundance over scarcity

  • Why large scale murals can help solve your employee engagement challenges 

  • Actionable steps that business owners and entrepreneurs can do to improve their videos

  • The importance of the environment today and why we need to protect wildlife on Earth

Shows Alex has been a guest on!

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"​I have a professional microphone because I know how important amazing sound quality is for podcasts.
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Thank you so much for your consideration and I look forward to connecting and creating some fun, fantastical, and collaborative content together.




With over 8 years experience working in the music industry, Alex is ready to extend my horizons. 


Through Alex's adventures abroad, he now has the skills to articulate his and others' experiences.  


Along his path, Alex has been inspired by the sensations he experiences, which transcend through his visual art. 


Behind the fancy webpages and high-quality images lies an actual human writing this, connect with Alex today!