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 Video Production Pricing 


Looking for more information about how we price videos at AL Media in Canada?
You can see a breakdown of our fees below in the 3 core packages we provide to businesses within the GTA.

Need something more specific for your brand's mission and vision?

We provide custom services that scale below or above pricing of our tired packages. 

Video Camera

Tier 1

  •  60-second video

  • One strategy session

  • 100 photos

$5,000 CAD

Video Editing Timeline

Tier 2

  • Two 60 Second Videos

  •  Four 30-second cuts (edited to various sizes for social),

  • 6 Various Thumbnails,

  • One Strategy Session,

  • One Marketing Session,

  • One Hundred photos 

$10,000 CAD

Colleagues Looking at the Same Screen

Tier 3

  • Everything in tier two 

  • 2 testimonial videos from former contract customers

  • 2 Strategy Sessions

  • 2 Marketing Sessions

  • Thumbnails

  • Social Graphics

  • priority 24/5 digital support.

$15,000 CAD

Please note that non-profits and Indigenous businesses, as well as communities, are eligible for a 5% discount for our services as a gesture of goodwill.

Your Message is Vital To Your Brand's Perception

Video makes your site rank higher, your messaging experience more engaging, and increase sales by aiding in purchasing decisions. See how AL Media has impacted non-profits and business through it's video production services


Tier 1 Example

$5,000.00 CAD

-1 60-second video
-1 One strategy session
-100 photos


Tier 2 Example

$10,000.00 CAD

-2 60-second videos
-4 30 second cuts (edited to various sizes for social)
-30 Aerial stills
-1 Strategy Session
-1 Marketing Session
-100 aerial (candids, headshots or stills)


Tier 3 Example

$15,000.00 CAD

**Everything in tier two +**
-2 testimonial videos from former contract customers
-2 Strategy Sessions
-2 Marketing Sessions
-Thumbnails, Social Graphics, and priority 24/7 digital support

Anchor 1
  • What is The Creative Kind Show all about?
    Alex's goal is to share valuable lessons from professionals working in the creative industry, right now on season 3 focusing on filmmakers and videographers. ​ The podcast is a way for international creators to have an audience. The podcast aims to give back to those who possess a creative hobby and want to know how they can monetize and market themselves, shortening the gap towards their dream job. Check out the introduction episode on Anchor streaming below to get a better idea of the show.
  • Why should I be on the show?
    You may be hesitant to join the show for any number of personal or professional reasons. Take a look through this FAQ document though to see if we can answer any concerns. Why we think you SHOULD be on The Creative Kind Podcast is because it’s being run by AL Media's founder, Alex Leonard. He always commits to projects and has grown several successful radio shows. my next step so you're in safe hands. ​ The interview with you is just 20-25 mins, so it's not a major time commitment, you leave Alex's team to do all the audio editing.
  • Who is the audience?
    The Creative Kind Podcast is aimed to appeal to entrepreneurial Generation X and Y professionals who have a creative side-hustle and want to learn more about the business aspect of being a creator. The show is meant to appeal to a wide range of audiences and to be given in short 20 to 30-minute episodes so people can listen while on the go without committing too much time. ​ To start, there have been a lot of guests from London, Ontario, but more international guests are already lined up throughout the rest of the year. If you enjoy thinking outside the box, then this show is for you. You can take a peak at some of the statistics below to get an idea of listeners.
  • Where will the podcast be available?
    The podcast is hosted through Captivate, a premium hosting platform made for Podcasters by Podcasters. The episode will be published across major platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, RadioPublic,, and more to come. New episodes are uploaded every Wednesday night between 11pm to 11:59pm and shared online broadly the following Thursday. Research shows the highest peaks of activity are Thursday mornings with people checking new podcasts in the morning.
  • When is my interview going to be uploaded?
    The podcast will go live within 2 to 3 weeks following our interview, once I’ve edited the final copy together and sent it over for you to review. If you skim through or feel fine without needing to review, I shall go ahead and schedule your interview for the next available slot.
  • Who is the Host of The Creative Kind Show?
    Alex Leonard is a creative entrepreneur that combines multiple interests to motivate his work. He is the host of The Creative Kind and former host of A Dark Side of Western on 94.9FM. ​ Alex has over 5 years of experience in designing murals, creating videos, exhibiting artwork, and marketing content. He's likely met you in the past at an event in London, Toronto, or Montreal. If he hasn't and you've been sent this link as a FYI or came across it yourself, then you're in luck either way! Reach out today, as we'd love to hear from you.
  • What do you need from me as a guest?
    You need to send Alex would like to promote each guest in advance to highlight you and your business for coming on The Creative Kind Podcast. You are required to share the finished podcast from the website's article, which will include an introduction, edited photo, show notes, and links. Alex will also provide social media graphics like below, which are not essential to share, but is encouraged. Resharing the podcast is an essential commitment once it's live for being a guest.
  • What are the interview questions?
    If you’re interested, within 24 hours of the interview, I will send you a list of questions that I plan to ask for each episode. Not all questions will be asked, as I prefer to have casual conversations with my guests and follow the flow of a natural conversation. The aim of the podcast will be semi guided and more casual.

We Would Be Delighted To Answer Any Questions You May Still Have

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