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Case Analysis: Paint Ontario

Paint Ontario is one of the largest art exhibits in Ontario that hosts several artists from across the province every year. The exhibit takes place in late mid Spring at the Lambton Heritage Museum.  

For the past 23 years, Paint Ontario has hosted hundreds of artists and in 2019 Alex organized their marketing effort, helping to increase overall sales on opening night and attendance throughout the entire month that the exhibit is open.

Alex was in control of Paint Ontario's social media and built out an entire strategy to secure full attendance for opening night and keeping customers engaged with online interactions.  

Alex interviewed 8 of the award winners to learn more about their interests, background, and how they learned about Paint Ontario. Of all the winners, there was a total of 7,000.00 CAD given out in prizes. Paint Ontario is a prestigious event and so the organization is able to utilize the interviews for continuous marketing purposes, both on social media and their online.