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01. An Intro to The Creative Kind with Alex Leonard

Updated: May 14, 2021

The Creative Kind is officially out! We're live, so tune in, turn up, and drop out. I'm your host Alex Leonard and I'm giving a formal introduction to the show. In this first episode, you'll hear about who the new podcast will be for, what you can expect to learn with each new episode, how to reach me if you want to join, and who helped inspire the show's creation. 

I’m inviting you to join me as one of the first guests on my new Podcast: The Creative Kind! The focus of the podcast will be on sharing lessons from creative entrepreneurs who have been able to turn their passion into profit.

The Creative Kind - Podcast Guest Invitation - Checklist

1. Are you open to speaking with Alex Leonard on The Creative Kind Podcast? If so, let him know after reviewing this document that outlines next steps.

2. Provide Alex with the following content within one week to confirm your interest:

  • An up to date portrait photo

  • Up to 3 social media handles (i.e. @your_brand_name)

  • A short elevator pitch of your company, which will be used to open the podcast

  • Please mail your response to:

3. Confirm a date within a week of receiving this request. Set aside just 30 minutes in the next 3 months to sit down in a quiet space with your computer to have a call.

4. Wait 1 weeks for him to upload the interview then share the final recording with your friends, family, and followers to let them hear your thoughts and feedback.

5. Let Alex know if you have a friend who would be an interesting next guest!


[0:00 - 1:06] Show introduction

[1:07 - 3:06] An Introduction to who Alex Leonard is

[3:07 - 6:41] What one can expect to learn

[6:42 - 9:00] What are the plans for developing the podcast

[9:01 - 9:59] How to reach Alex to become a guest

[10:00 - 15:41] Final thank you to those who helped inspire and bring the show to life

Reach Alex Leonard to be on the show:

Reach Gianni Di Cesare, the podcast cover artist:


Connect with AL Media


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