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20. Crowdfunding Your Business Idea on Ulule with Eleni Stefanopoulos

Updated: May 14, 2021

"Ulule is the largest certified B-Corp crowdfunding company of its kind and we put the spotlight on women entrepreneurship and positive impact projects."

Currently, Ulule is working on their #SpreadGood program; a 4 month COVID-19 relief program that they have created in collaboration with Bank of the West. It is a completely digital initiative that hosts over 30 field experts and 20 boss women small business owners and it’s packed with workshops and webinars to help business owners develop the knowledge and skill sets they need to overcome the effects of the pandemic. Best of all it's totally FREE to register and they are the ONLY relief program of its kind in the US. 


Connect with Ulule

Connect with Eleni Stefanopoulos

Connect with Alex Leonard, Founder of AL Media


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