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22. Lunar Rotations with Zahra Habib on 94.9FM

Updated: May 14, 2021

Zahra Habib (aka Br0wn Skin Lady) is an award-winning DJ, host, and community organizer who is dedicated to creating and implementing ever-expanding visions for London’s artistic landscape. She’s also the Program Director at London’s most sought-after community radio station, 94.9 FM Radio Western

Connecting and uplifting people through music has become one of Zahra’s guiding principles. Through live and online events, and her weekly radio show Lunar Rotations, Zahra loves to create spaces for people of all walks of life to connect, be, and experience joy with others and with themselves. She has worked closely with the City of London, grassroots organizations, arts and cultural institutions, and individual local organizers to expand and elevate the musical, cultural, and creative scene in London and beyond.

It was a real pleasure to have Zahra on the podcast, I hope others enjoy the episode!

Show Links

Connect with Zahra Habib

Connect with Alex Leonard, Founder of AL Media


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