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29. Connecting to Your Inner Capabilities in Life with Mr. Nokturn

Updated: May 13, 2021

Mr. Nokturn is an inspiring DJ turned cultural coordinator living in the Gaspé Peninsula in Gaspésie. We speak about the Quebec culture and how the community has grown outside all the major cities that are more southern on the St. Laurent River in Eastern Canada. There is a large First Nations community located in the area that Olivier works with, the man behind Mr. Nokturn. He is working with Q052, an Indigenous hip-hop artist, a talented rapper that Oliver speaks highly of.

I met Olivier several years ago when living in Montreal as we were both connected with the music scene and would often see him at shows. I've had Mr. Nokturn also on my Radio Show in Montreal at Concordia's 1690 AM CJLO. We speak about life choices and finding your interests, the local communities and unique culture of the northern Quebec city, and how he and other people and bringing bigger art and music scene to the region. It's a great conversation and nice to connect with an old friend of mine.

I hope you enjoy the episode! Check out more interviews with interesting entrepreneurs on The Creative Kind Podcast, as we continue to explore how to turn your passions into profit. Every Thursday, expect new episodes of the show and soon a YouTube channel with the Zoom interviews.



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