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1. Growing the Green Economy with Dr. Dianne Saxe

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Dr. Dianne Saxe is one of Canada’s most respected environmental lawyers, with a Clean50 award, a Ph.D. in Law, a Law Society Medal, and many other awards. She was a popular Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, reporting to the Legislature on environment, energy and climate. She now heads SaxeFacts, hosts the Green Economy Heroes podcast, is Deputy Leader of the Ontario Green Party, is Green Party candidate in University-Rosedale!

Dr. Dianne Saxe has been featured in multiple interviews, is one of the top 25 best environmental lawyers, and is an inspiring individual who I am honoured to have her as the first guest of The Sustainable Kind Show.

Creating a platform to share info from leaders in the sustainable sector has always been a goal of mine, as I want to spread more positive and inspiring news stories from successful business owners and social leaders who are creating a safer and healthier planet to live on.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the show and from other guests who will be joining me. At this point, I'll start things as a season for each 20 episodes, similar format to The Creative Kind Show, the other podcast that I host. Check that show out too for more ideas on how to get involved!

I hope that you're able to connect with Dr. Dianne and see the upcoming event happening tomorrow, March 24, co-hosted with the Centre for Social Innovation out of downtown Toronto helping social entrepreneurs.

Connect with Dr. Dianne Saxe

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