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05. Learning about Cinematography with Lucas Wakman

Updated: May 14, 2021

Lucas Wakman is an established indie filmmaker and cinematographer based in Montreal, Quebec. He has had several popular short films featured in festivals across North America. Lucas and I discuss the merit of creating both short form and long form visual content and the camera gear we use. I personally learnt a lot in the interview and am happy to share this broadcast with a personal friend and inspiring creator that I regularly bounce ideas around with.  As always,  new interviews every Wednesday on the Creative Kind.

In the interview on The Creative Kind, Lucas and I dive into so many interesting subjects. It was a pleasure to provide a platform where Lucas shares his insights and knowledge about film production. His latest film, Gran Theft Auto, has been featured in an upcoming virtual film festival as a semi-finalist.  You can also watch one of his first short films, "Side Chick" below in the post. Thanks for listening!


[00:00 - 01:30] Lucas Wakman voice over teaser

[01:01 - 02:39] The Creative Kind introduction

[02:40 - 03:55] Lucas explains his background and profession

[03:56 - 04:21] Chatting about why the aesthetic of an event is so important

[04:22 -10:32] What does it take to make a music video

[10:33 - 10:22] How does the creative process change when making short films

[10:23 - 13:05] Kevin shares a piece of advice for entrepreneurs

[13:06 - 18:36] Why Lucas invested in a Blackmagic Pocket 4K

[18:37 - 19:40] Alex explains his own camera gear

[19:41 - 20:31] Using Blackmagic equipment to it's full extent

[20:32 - 22:19] Why is V speed important for cameras

[22:20 - 23:00] How is V speed different than Mb/s on a SD card

[23:01 - 24:30] Is 4K important?

[24:31 - 25:43] The right file type for social media platforms

[25:44 - 29:00] Difference between videography and cinematography

[29:01 - 29:30] Where to connect with Lucas on socials


Connect with Lucas Wakman

Connect with AL Media



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