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Case Analysis:
Boarder Pass Mural at Toronto Boatshow

Boarder Pass Canada run a series of wakeboard parks across Ontario in Canada at 3 locations in Sarnia, Binbrook, and Colborne. During the winter, they bring their magic to the big city for the annual Toronto Boat Show.

Boarder Pass fills the base of the rink with Lake Ontario water during mid January.  

I attended in 2019 to create a 20ft x 8ft black and white mural over 3 days to help with the companies rebranding.

The theme of the mural was to incorporate each of the 3 locations plus all the founding staff, friends, and family throughout the mural participating in activities.

The mural was a great success for Boarder Pass Canada and brought in a lot of new attraction to their booth at the trade show over both weekends long.