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Alex Leonard has polished his artistic skills through
mural displays, acrylic paintings, and graphic novels.


Check out the following engagement below to learn more about

Alex's Artwork and see the different styles. 



Do you need a mural for your business or home? Mural painting is one of AL Media's core offerings and we're able to do so with sustainable best steps.  

Check out more examples of both indoor, outdoor, and other examples here:


Acrylic, oil, spray paint, and gouache are some of the media that Alex feels comfortable using. 

Explore more of his collections, such as Ukrainian Landscapes, Elephant Survival Series, A Viking's Universe, DJ Portraits, and more:

N.E.C. Productions in London, ON.JPG

Graphic Novels and Comics

AL Media has several publications in graphic novel, comic, and zine formats. Alex has self-published his original storyline for The Titan Chronicles,
a Dystopian Sci-Fi set in the future on
Saturn's moon. 

Check out more creative work from Alex here:


Humans & Elephants

Alex is an internationally recognized Elephant Ambassador with Save Elephant Foundation and has been working since 2012 to help protect elephant populations around the world.

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