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26. Sharing Stories Through Speech with Sunday Ajak

Updated: May 14, 2021

Sunday Ajak is a motivational speaker and spoken word poet who brings his unique lived experience through his creative work. The transcendental nature of his words often stirs a lot of emotions and provokes feelings of interest and enlightenment. From humble beginnings writing spoken word poetry at highschool, Sunday continues to live life to the fullest and give back to others through his messages. I had the sincere pleasure of speaking with Sunday on The Creative Kind Podcast in season 2 to discuss his creative process, the power of public speaking, finding inspiration, and building self-confidence. Sunday's voice is soothing and his laughter is contagious. If you're looking for help with public speaking, whether in person or over the Internet, this is an awesome episode of the show to listen to. You can connect with Sunday and hear his speeches by following the show links below.

SHOW LINKS Connect with Sunday Ajak

Connect with Alex Leonard, Founder of AL Media



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