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14. How to Start a Co-hosted Podcast with Jabriel AlSuhaimi

Updated: May 14, 2021

For the past 3 months since quarantine started, Jabriel AlSuhaimi has wanted to learn something new, stay in contact with friends around the world, and start a podcast. Thus, The Movie Newbie was born. Jabriel and his two friends, scattered across the globe (Bahrain, London, Vancouver) now regularly catch up to chat about movies. His two friends who work in the movie industry get him to watch a movie, then they review it from the point of view of the “experts” and the “casual.” Jabriel designs his own podcast art and everything else, which is awesome to see. I've known the next guest since 2016 when visiting Lost Village Festival in the woods of Lincolnshire, England. It's a pleasure to touch base with my former friend again and connect with another podcast host who started around the same time as I did. I hope you enjoy the episode! SHOW LINKS Connect with Jabriel AlSuhaimi, co-host of The Movie Newbie Podcast

Connect with Alex Leonard, Founder of AL Media


DJ PØPTRT plays House, Acid House, Bass, TechHouse, Techno, Nudisco, Funk, Throwbacks, & Future House.  She is venturing off into music production, and is currently working on mixing indigenous instruments with house music. Hear her interview to learn more about her style and success as an Indigenous multi-talented artist outside Montreal.

The Creative Kind is officially out! We're live, so tune in, turn up, and drop out. I'm your host Alex Leonard and I'm giving a formal introduction to the show. In this first episode, you'll hear about who the new podcast will be for, what you can expect to learn with each new episode, how to reach me if you want to join, and who helped inspire the show's creation...



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