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12. The Impact of Sharing a Podcast with Avery Konda

Updated: May 14, 2021

Avery is all about business as a catalyst for change, youth in philanthropy, and building #SocialImpactEverywhere. He works as a Staffing Consultant for Randstad Canada, helping people find their dream careers, and in his spare time can be found working out, making a new health food recipe, or running his podcast, Social Impactors. He volunteers for organizations like the League of Innovators and works as a Content Contributor for the Sandbox Centre. Avery is a firm believer in building sustainable social action in the world.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Avery as my guest on The Creative Kind Podcast and I left the conversation feeling motivated to change and do better with my own show. For anyone who has a podcast or is planning to start a show, this is a great episode to tune into.

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Connect with Avery Konda, Host of Social Impactors Podcast

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