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25. Supporting Small Businesses on Social Media with Kristen Au

Updated: May 14, 2021

Kristen Au is a social media marketing strategist and educator, passionate about helping local small business owners on creative and effective content marketing in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Before moving to Yellowknife, she had over a decade of experience as a freelance musician and model in Toronto. Kristen has found social media to be the most important aspect of marketing to maintain in high demand throughout her career.

Fast forward to mid-March 2020, she was working as an advertising sales person, selling radio and digital ads on a local news website in Yellowknife. She decided to quit this corporate job when the pandemic began. Seeing local small businesses relying a lot more on social media marketing than traditional advertising, she instantly knew she had to share her experience, knowledge and skills. Since then, Kristen has started her own Social Media Marketing business to help local artists, creators, and small business owners in the NWT.

Kristen's background as a model and saxophone player is a unique fit for season 2, speaking with entertainers. The work she's doing now is awesome and she's made a strong brand presence for herself! I learned a lot about developing my social media presence as a solopreneur and think others will benefit from this episode too. Enjoy!


Connect with Kristen Au

Connect with Alex Leonard, Founder of AL Media


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