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06. Canadian Adventures with Lisa Kurolap

Updated: May 14, 2021

FML Adventures is a Canadian tour company that offers a wide range of tours between Halifax to Vancouver, which are tailored towards 19-35 year old backpackers. The trips are for people who want to experience the best of Canada’s forests, mountains, and lakes from coast to coast.

FML Adventures is the first small group tour company to offer a convenient and affordable solution to traveling in Canada. Join some awesome people and take on on the cross-Canada roadie of your dreams. Their tours are easy going, flexible, carefree, and simply the perfect way to enjoy everything Canada has to offer alongside like-minded backpackers from around the world!

Lisa Kurolap is the founder of FML Adventures and is an awesome and bubbly character that is sure to bring a smile to your face listening to her as a guest. I've known Lisa for the past two years, as I started AL Media around the same time she started FML Adventures, when we went through Fanshawe College's Business Accelerator, Leap Junction.

We speak about how her trip last year went, some of her favourite stops on the road, and how she's pivoting during the pandemic to offer Weekend getaways to local destinations around Ontario.


  • Lisa shares how she knows me

  • Lisa next shares a bit of background about herself and FML Adventures

  • More details about the trips she offers

  • She gives some context about the shorter trips

  • FML Adventures services and amenities they offer

  • Lisa's advice for people who have never been camping

  • Inspiration from Australia and the importance of travelling

  • Extra details on a few of the stops

  • Is there something she wish she knew before she started?

  • Stacks on stacks of qualifications

  • How to get a hold of Lisa for the future

  • Next business approach for smaller trips throughout the year

  • How will the travel industry change post COVID-19


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