02. Building a Community with Kevin McKay

Updated: May 14

Blessed to have one of the best communities in London, Kow says it's part of the reason why the shows he helps put on are so enjoyable. Archer+Kow has been creating unique events across London for the past 2 years. Kevin McKay, aka Kow, has helped transform a number of locations stretching from London to Toronto into unique venues for underground artists.

Alongside his partner, Allison Oosterman aka Archer, they continue to grow a wonderful community through music, spirituality and inclusiveness. Kevin used this opportunity to pursue a passion in DJing, and recently producing. Having the opportunity to play alongside so much local talent is a pleasure in itself. Kevin’s next goals align with sharper producing skills and exploring new tools for live sets.

It was a pleasure to have Kevin on The Creative Kind Podcast, as we spoke for a while about hosting events, playing good music, and getting involved in London. Enjoy the special 27 minute interview with Kevin and myself, Alex Leonard.


[00:00 - 01:00] Kevin McKay voice over teaser

[01:01 - 02:00] The Creative Kind introduction

[02:01 - 04:05] Kevin explains his background and business

[04:06 - 06:21] Chatting about why the aesthetic of an event is so important

[06:22 - 07:49] The type of music Kevin plays as Kow

[07:50 - 10:22] What is one of his biggest milestones

[10:23 - 13:13] Kevin shares a piece of advice for entrepreneurs

[13:14 - 15:16] Something he wish he knew before

[15:17 - 17:40] Winning the Distinguished Student in Business Award

[17:41 - 20:01] Where to take his music production next

[20:10 - 22:49] Closing statements still on his mind

[22:50 - 25:40] How the Clean Sweep Hiking Club started

[25:41 - 27:00] Where to connect with Kevin


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