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02. Building a Community with Kevin McKay

Updated: May 14, 2021

Blessed to have one of the best communities in London, Kow says it's part of the reason why the shows he helps put on are so enjoyable. Archer+Kow has been creating unique events across London for the past 2 years. Kevin McKay, aka Kow, has helped transform a number of locations stretching from London to Toronto into unique venues for underground artists.

Alongside his partner, Allison Oosterman aka Archer, they continue to grow a wonderful community through music, spirituality and inclusiveness. Kevin used this opportunity to pursue a passion in DJing, and recently producing. Having the opportunity to play alongside so much local talent is a pleasure in itself. Kevin’s next goals align with sharper producing skills and exploring new tools for live sets.

It was a pleasure to have Kevin on The Creative Kind Podcast, as we spoke for a while about hosting events, playing good music, and getting involved in London. Enjoy the special 27 minute interview with Kevin and myself, Alex Leonard.


[00:00 - 01:00] Kevin McKay voice over teaser

[01:01 - 02:00] The Creative Kind introduction

[02:01 - 04:05] Kevin explains his background and business

[04:06 - 06:21] Chatting about why the aesthetic of an event is so important

[06:22 - 07:49] The type of music Kevin plays as Kow

[07:50 - 10:22] What is one of his biggest milestones

[10:23 - 13:13] Kevin shares a piece of advice for entrepreneurs

[13:14 - 15:16] Something he wish he knew before

[15:17 - 17:40] Winning the Distinguished Student in Business Award

[17:41 - 20:01] Where to take his music production next

[20:10 - 22:49] Closing statements still on his mind

[22:50 - 25:40] How the Clean Sweep Hiking Club started

[25:41 - 27:00] Where to connect with Kevin


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