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27. Finding Out How To Live Life Fully with Thomas Piper

Updated: May 14, 2021

Brooklyn NY’s, emergent powerhouse, multi-talented independent artist, Thomas Piper announces the launch of his debut LP ‘Permission to Live’ released June 5, 2020 via all digital and streaming platforms. A Futuristic Renaissance man who’s genre defiant, a multi-instrumentalist, soulful baritone vocalist, prolific songwriter, producer, filmmaker, and visual artist.

Thomas started his independent company The People’s Republic of Sound, & YouTube channel BeatDesign to showcase his work. He welded each layer together from the lyrics, vocals, sound, and recordings, while mixing & mastering each song, also designing the album & single’s artwork. Thomas has taught himself an array of skills from filming, animating, acting, directing, and editing all the past and future videos.

I had an absolute pleasure speaking with Thomas and hope you enjoy our inspiring conversation about how to live your life!

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Connect with Thomas Piper

Connect with Alex Leonard, Founder of AL Media

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This was ggreat to read

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